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Roll Off Dumpsters In Atlanta​

Commercial, business, renovation and home projects all can generate an enormous amount of trash. Getting rid of that trash while staying on top of these projects can be a nightmare. This is often complicated by a local waste pickup schedule that doesn’t fit into your schedule. Take control of your trash situation with a roll off dumpster from Xtreme Disposal. We will deliver a dumpster to your location and you can get the trash hauled away at your convenience. A dumpster is especially useful if you have bulky waste, very heavy trash, or debris.

Rent a Roll Off Dumpster in Atlanta Metro Area

Who In Atlanta Would Need To Rent A Roll Off Dumpster?

Common uses for roll off dumpsters are new construction, roofing replacements, building and site demolition, and general remodeling projects. These types of projects normally produce huge quantities of waste and debris. Many times, this type of debris is too large and bulky for normal waste removal systems. Xtreme Disposal has been proudly providing exceptional waste removal services for Atlanta based businesses and homeowners for years.

Residential clients can also enjoy the many advantages of using a roll off dumpster. Projects around your home can generate a lot of trash. From kitchen renovations, clearing out your basement or turning the garage into an office, managing that trash can quickly sideline your project. Forget about bagging the trash or cutting everything down to a manageable size. Make your life easier with a roll off dumpster and easily get rid of all that extra trash.

Who Needs Roll Off Dumpsters?

A huge amount of trash and debris can rapidly accumulate and can bring any project to a crawl. Here at Xtreme Disposal, our goal is to allow you to easily clear out the waste to make room for you to work. You can be working on a new construction project, a house remodeling or re-roofing or simply doing a big cleanup job. With these kinds of jobs, the waste can sidetrack things up in a hurry. Having a place to easily dispose of the trash can save you time and money as well as make your project safer and more orderly. The best practice for keeping trash out of your way is to have an Xtreme Disposal roll off dumpster ready to easily accept all your trash. Contractors, businesses, and homeowners can all enjoy the benefits of using a roll off dumpster for their next project.


We Know Atlanta City’s Guidelines

When dealing with waste disposal, there are city rules and regulations that need to be followed. A consultant at Xtreme Disposal will make sure you are well within all of these guidelines. Each dumpster size has a weight limit you need to respect to keep away from unnecessary fees. We will show you how to estimate the weight of your full container to make sure, so you don’t step outside the city’s weight limits.

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